Helios Capital is a private equity firm focused on funding and developing Companies that Matter™. Our mission is simple: provide whatever it takes to help our entrepreneurs and their teams realize their vision and goals.

At Helios, we work with entrepreneurs and operators who want a partner that provides more than just capital. We bring a full set of strategic, operational, sales, marketing, and financing resources to the table. More importantly, we wholeheartedly dedicate our time, capital and operational expertise to our partners and their businesses. In return, we chose to only back teams committed to growing their companies to leadership positions within their industries.

We are a private equity firm of entrepreneurs and former CEOs who have dealt with many of the same issues you deal with every day. This perspective, along with our integral approach, sets us apart from your typical private equity firm.

At Helios, we develop Companies that Matter™.

HELIOS Capital focus in the areas of:

Growth Capital Investments
Management Buyouts
Operator Buy-Ins

Family Succession Transactions
Turnarounds and Restructurings
Private to Public Transactions

What are your goals?
What does it take to get to the next level?
What more do you want to achieve?
Tell us what you want, and we will tell you we can serve you.

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