Helios Capital is a private equity firm focused on funding and developing Companies that Matter™. Our mission is simple: provide whatever it takes to help our entrepreneurs and their teams realize their vision and goals.

At Helios, we work with entrepreneurs and operators who want a partner that provides more than just capital. We bring a full set of strategic, operational, sales, marketing, and financing resources to the table. More importantly, we wholeheartedly dedicate our time, capital and operational expertise to our partners and their businesses. In return, we chose to only back teams committed to growing their companies to leadership positions within their industries.

We are a private equity firm of entrepreneurs and former CEOs who have dealt with many of the same issues you deal with every day. This perspective, along with our integral approach, sets us apart from your typical private equity firm.

At Helios, we develop Companies that Matter™.

HELIOS Capital focus in the areas of:

• Growth Capital Investments
• Management Buyouts
• Operator Buy-Ins
• Recapitalizations

• Family Succession Transactions
• Turnarounds and Restructurings
• Private to Public Transactions

What are your goals?
What does it take to get to the next level?
What more do you want to achieve?
Tell us what you want, and we will tell you we can serve you.

About our Company

Integral Approach

At Helios, we believe that taking a complete look at the picture -- and beyond the picture -- is the integral path of investment. We do not throw around terms like “partner” lightly. Our approach to the private equity market is different. We are leaders and entrepreneurs. We are former operators. We have been in your shoes and we know that long term success comes from not only focusing on systems, strategy, and daily execution but also growing and developing a company’s people and culture. In today’s competitive business environment, you must excel at the technical dimensions of your business products and processes—this is a given. But this is not enough to win. You need to focus on growing the capabilities of your current employees, recruiting new talent into the organization, and leveraging your investments in human capital to create a dynamic winning culture. We have a distinguished track record of working with our partners to build their business processes and grow their people so their companies consistently deliver long-term value to their customers, shareholders, employees, and community. Even the most well run and successful companies can benefit from an integral approach.


By definition, each situation is unique—our partnership with our operating leaders begins with that fact and incorporates and enhances the expertise of our partners. Rather than assuming that the business’ leadership needs to act differently, our integral approach builds on the existing experiences, talents and knowledge of the leadership team to explore and capitalize on opportunities. Our approach emphasizes integration, sustainability and increasing awareness rather than change simply for the sake of change. We work closely with our operating partners to match the people and systems to each company’s existing abilities, perspectives and circumstances. Where “management-by-objective” techniques work in one company, for example, we may set up an open book management and variable incentive structure in another. We understand and have experience working with teams to set up everything for continuous quality improvement programs to classic management hierarchies to learning organizations, but each will be case-specific so that every employee can most clearly see the work to be done and the path forward. We have found that having the right people in the right jobs, supported by business systems and processes that are aligned with the company’s guiding principles and purpose sets a company on a rapid growth trajectory, often resulting in market leadership.


We work with our partner companies to enable and utilize a proven process that reinforces and inspires the company’s vision while also establishing and/or fortifying the shared values that guide and provide the foundation for the business. This proven process enables strong execution of the company’s vision to achieve high performance. In our experience; including people’s desires, motivations, and values as well as creating and fostering a high-performance culture is as vital to a company’s success (if not more so) as external operational systems (i.e. accounting metrics, technology, sales forecasting, compensation plans, etc). After the foundation is laid, we then work closely with the leadership team to create clear and actionable strategies and objectives for the enterprise. We believe every company benefits by having a clear strategy and understanding of the markets and context in which it operates. As part of aligning strategy with daily execution, our operating partners become proficient in communicating the objectives of the business to all the employees and linking incentive plans and compensation to the goals set forth in the operating plan and budget. The value of this process is felt throughout the organization as the business objectives become clearer to all employees and people take responsibility and contribute to the company’s success.


By examining every component of the business (external and internal); matching up the right people, processes, systems, and execution; and adding in our experience, focus, and resources, we help you take the business to the next level. Every business is different, but we have experienced that having the right people in the right jobs, supported by business systems and processes that are aligned with the company’s guiding principles and purpose sets a company on a rapid growth trajectory; usually resulting in market leadership. Sounds simple; but as we know–the devil is in the details. At Helios, we know how to roll up our sleeves and dive into the dirt with you if you need us to assist you in making things happen. We are excited every time we have the opportunity to serve and grow companies into leaders in their sectors.

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