Revenue Critical Mass
At least $25 million of revenues (preference for underperforming or undermanaged companies)

-- OR --

Cash Flow Critical Mass
At least $2 million of cash flow (typically growth-oriented buyouts, complex succession planning transactions, and corporate carve-outs)

-- OR --

Innovation Critical Mass
Situations where the value of the company revolves around a central technology or particularly innovateive business (non-development stage revenues of at least $10 million and must be able to support leverage)

Up to $75 million

Enterprise value
Up to $500 million


Types of Transactions

Management Buyout of Private Company

Helios Capital partners with managers in the acquisitions of the companies they already run... but do not own. You, as management, now take on an equity stake in the business and retain control of day-to-day operations.

We are your partner now, and we will show that with action.

Management Buyout of a Corporate Division

Are you currently managing a division, but would like to own it as a separate company? We can help. We will partner with you to acquire this division of the parent company and work with you as a partner in its growth as a separate company.

Most corporations require the buyers of the divisions they are selling to have funding in place and a solid track record of closing transactions quickly.

We are able to not only add these requirements immediately, but we bring a large toolkit to the table as your partner to aid in your business advancement after the close.

Operator Buy-In

We partner with operating executives to work with you in the purchasing of a company in an industry sector where you have a proven track record.

We also will back outside management in an acquisition of a company that has a management void due to the departure, or pending departure, of the CEO.

In either situation, you take down a nice equity position, are responsible for daily operating control, and have a partner (us) with the tools and experience to work with you to advance the business.

Owner Recapitalization

Are you an owner of a business but looking to diversify your stake and still stay involved in the business you have worked so persistently to build?

In this situation, what will most likely be the most advantageous move for you, is to do a recapitalization.

This will allow you to sell a portion of your company to achieve personal liquidity and diversification while also not sacrificing operating control of your company.

You can retain significant equity, achieve diversification, and maintain operating control while taking on a partner (us) who will provide the strategic, operational, sales, marketing, and financial depth to work with in advancing the business.

Family Succession

This situation often involves some members of the family wanting to exit from the business while others desire to stay involved.

This is a scenario that must be handled discreetly and sensitively and we have the capacity and experience to do so.

We will work with the family so the active family operators secure operating control and a fair equity position while the exiting family members (or shareholders) achieve the liquidity they desire.

So, the business can be assured to stay in the family and maintain its identity in the community while also gaining a partner who will provide the strategic, operational, sales, marketing, and financial depth to work with in advancing the business.

Growth Capital Infusions

If you are an entrepreneur or operator who wants to take your business to the next level, then growth capital can be the answer. We work with you from the perspective of a partner.

Whether it is capital to fund internal growth, finance acquisitions, and/or strengthen the balance sheet, we will back you up and provide what you need.

Plus, you then get a partner with a large toolkit and experience set to advance your business with you.

Special Situations

If you are struggling, it does not mean you do not have a great business. You know this, but many people can easily overlook this fact. We do not.

We are attracted to underperforming companies with fixable flaws. We know that we can partner with you to improve shareholder value due to our deep experience.

If there has been underinvestment in infrastructure and people from a time, capital, and focus standpoint; we can help.

Whether it has reached the point of formal bankruptcy or is heading that way, we have and can help.

Plus, you gain a partner who will provide the strategic, operational, sales, marketing, and financial depth to work with in advancing the business.

We have purchased numerous companies from formal bankruptcy proceedings and participated in more than a dozen out of court restructurings.

Our experience in navigating the bankruptcy legal system, fast response time, and flexibility enable us to invest in situations that are unusually complicated in structure or strategy.

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